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Cadets teach Scouts

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2498 Totton Sqn spent a Saturday in September learning field craft in Ferny Crofts Scout Centre in the New Forest. On the Sunday the cadets taught over 160 Scouts all that they that learnt.

Southampton Scouts had 199 staff and cadets at Ferny Crofts where they where split into groups and taught by 2498 Sqn cadets.

Flt Lt Harding gave a quick brief and split the scouts into groups. Then the cadets took over and the scouts where shown parachutes and taught the reasons behind the colours. They where shown the rations and what the cadets get to eat. We showed them the styles of putting up ponchos for shelters. A cadet hid covered in camouflage and the scouts had to try and find him. They were shown the basic hand signals and had a go at passing the message down the line. The Scouts were then put into two lines and marched back to their own camp area.