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Sector 4 Fieldcraft Weekend

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Bordon Training areas and Oxney Farm recently played host to 33 cadets from Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wing's Sector 4. Squadrons that form Sector 4 include 2428 (Hedge End), 1350 (Fareham), 1216 (Eastleigh), 1213 (Andover) and 1105 (City of Winchester) Sqn ATC, for a basic fieldcraft weekend. The diverse training estate was used to introduce the cadets to the basics of fieldcraft and field living. Cadets were shown how to administer themselves in the field, incorporating everything from the importance of personal hygiene, the 24 hr ration pack and construction of a bivvi. Training then switched focus to skills such as camouflage and concealment, hand signals and methods of movement.

Having received this basic instruction, the cadets were introduced to a scenario whereby they acted as part of a quick reaction patrol to observe a night time meeting of local militia. With the cadets still fairly new and inexperienced, these patrols were lead by embedded members of staff who provided an introduction to night movement and gave the cadets a real sense of involvement and understanding with regard to the future night exercises they may partake in on Squadron.

Flying Officer Seb Pitman, the Exercise Conducting Officer, said of the weekend; 'This was a great opportunity to ensure the more junior cadets in the Sector could receive training that covers most of the ACP 16 syllabus, and then ultimately consolidate that learning in a series of exercises. The cadets went away enthused and knowledgeable about fieldcraft, and now look forward to larger exercises such as Martello in the Summer'.