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Cadets from Aldershot And Yateley Sqns tour Thales Simulator Facility

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Cadets and staff from 413 (Aldershot) and 2407 (Yateley) Squadrons toured the Thales Simulator Facility in Reading on 19th December 2013. They were joined by the Regional Commandant, Group Captain Mike Remlinger.

Thales is a high tech company that supplies equipment to various armed forces across the world, including the Ministry of Defence.

The object of this visit was to try out Thales' new armoured fighting vehicle simulator called 'Talisman'. On this occasion, Talisman software was adapted to simulate the Mastiff vehicle used by the UK Army and RAF Regiment in Afghanistan. The cadets had the use of 5 Mastiff vehicles with 5 operator positions in each vehicle: the driver, the gunner, the commander, the UAV operator and the CCTV mast operator.

One observant cadet could see the Regional Commandant was itching to have a go himself so moved over to allow Group Captain Remlinger to take the driver position himself. His CO will be recommending that cadet for a suitable award in due course!

More information about the Talisman simulator can be seen at